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At Valmeinier 73450 Coordienats GPS : 45° 10’ 29 ‘’N 06° 29’ 33’’E.


From December to April.

How Long & Prices

20 minutes to fly over ski resort Galibier Thabor 70€.

Within the ‘Galibier Thabor’ ski resort in the Savoy region, Valmeinier is a paradise for those of you looking for the freedom and magic of an untouched valley. Escape for a 20 minute flight to discover this hidden wilderness of mountain summits and their virgin snow as never seen before!

Tourist Office Valmeinier

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Flight Video

Video rushes for 30€ (on CD) and custom video for 50€.... Ask for it before takeoff…

Weather Forecast

When it’s too snowy or windy, we don’t fly!

Happy Flying !

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