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At Vallon Pont d’Arc Plaine des Mazes 07150, France Coordinates GPS 44° 24’ 37‘’N 04° 21’ 50’’E.


From June to September.

How Long & Prices

1/4 of hour above the “Pont d’Arc” 90€.

1/2 hour to ride above all of ”les gorges” 160€.

3/4 hour 250€.

1 hour 340€.

Situated at Vallon Pont d’Arc, our runway is only a few minutes flight from the famous Ardeche Gorges.

Using the latest technology and our professionnel experience we will share with you an unforgettable experience of emotion and freedom.

Treat yourself or your friends to this flight over the ‘Pont d’Arc’.

Take the plunge with Loïc and Félix!

Tourist Office of Vallon-Pont-d'Arc

Chamber of Commerce of Aubenas


Longer flights and other itinerarys available.


For groups of more than 30 guests, please contact us so that we may arrange for the number of aircraft & pilots.

bapteme09Gift Flights

Don't forget to call us….


For an extra of 40 € pictures and films of your ride on request to relive again and again your Flight on a SD card. Just ask the pilot before takeoff…

Weather Forecast

When it’s too rainy or windy, we don’t fly!

Happy Flying !

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